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Guys, I have a confession. I have found THE comfiest bra in the entire world. Seriously. I never knew a bra could be this good. So good, that it feels like I’m not even wearing a bra! I’m obsessed. If you don’t believe that you already own the world’s comfiest bra, then you need to read on…

LIVELY boasts that they are inspired by what they believe makes women sexy: smart, healthy, active, and outgoing. They’ve claimed an entirely new category of lingerie: Leisurée. It’s aesthetically stylish, while still out-of-this-world comfortable. I believe this perfect mix is JUST what women needed! I could not be more in love with this brand or more impressed by what they’re doing.

The second I got in contact with LIVELY, I knew it was a perfect fit. LIVELY is all about inspiring women to live passionately, purposefully, and confidently. I could not be more honored to be part of the LIVELY Crew and for the opportunity to jump and shout about how amazing this company is! Companies who do more than just sell their products really stand out to me. As a blogger, I obviously come in contact with many brands, and as someone who loves fashion, I shop for myself as well. It’s really special to me when I find a company who is saying wayyy more than just “Hey, look at our new XYZ product!” And that is exactly what LIVELY is doing. Every time they post, I feel empowered. I feel appreciated. I feel supported. LIVELY isn’t just selling leisurewear. They’re selling a lifestyle.

So, now, the good stuff.

These. Bras.

My goodness, y’all. I truly don’t know if I can do it justice. I received the Palm Lace Bralette, and I am OBSESSED. Here’s what their website has to say about this bralette: “The kind of style + comfort combo that’s just. too. good. To say this is an all-day essential is an understatement. Unpadded, soft lining for a lounge-worthy fit.”

And even that doesn’t do it justice!! It is seriously SO comfortable. To be honest, when I saw it had a regular clasp back, I was a little skeptical. Like, wouldn’t that just feel like a normal bra? NOPE! I can’t even feel it. And it fits like a dream. And it’s SO CUTE. I want it in every single color. I saw a quote on LIVELY’s Instagram the other day about how their bras “take first place in your top drawer”, and that is SO TRUE. I can’t stop wearing mine. It’s just so. comfortable.

Another great thing is they have something for everyone. A million different types of bras for a million different types of people! Not to MENTION, they have underwear, bodysuits, AND swimwear. (Don’t even get me started on the Cabana Stripe swimsuit…. it’s all I want in this world.) Oh, and they also just released a brand new fragrance. It’s called Jasmine. Sea. Sun. and I. Want. It. It’s a mix of “jasmine sambac, sea salt, crisp pear, and sandalwood that come together to empower you to be your most free and confident self.” It’s meant to convey a sense of spiritual serenity, while also evoking the feeling of freedom and escape. LIVELY says, “it’s the scent that’s got your back and rests in the midst of your daily mantra — hustle, breathe, reset, repeat.”

This all sounds amazing right? I’m telling you… spend some time on the LIVELY website, and you won’t regret it. Apart from the incredible swimwear, delicious fragrance, and my ah-mazing bralette, there is still so much to explore! Some of the other bras I’m really interested in are the Geo Lace Bralette, the All-Day Long-Lined Bralette, and the “I Am That Girl” Bralette. I’m not exaggerating when I say that there really is something for everyone. And to help excite you even more, I have a code you can use for $10 OFF your purchase!!! Whoooo! Use the code “AMB-jordannnleee” at checkout, and then DM me or comment on this post to tell me what new LIVELY goodies you ordered! I seriously cannot wait to hear! Here’s to #LivingLIVELY, which is way more than just a hashtag. I hope you feel empowered every day, and that you realize there is no one else like you. THAT is your superpower! 

LIVELY gifted me with a complimentary bralette but, as always, all opinions are 100% true and my own.

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  1. you had me at “doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bra”. i can’t stand wearing one so if i could find one that feels that comfy, i’m all for it!

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