What’s In My (OTBT) Bag

If you remember last semester, I worked with OTBT for their Homecoming Gameday campaign. They gifted me with a beautiful pair of their Jaunt wedges, and I immediately fell in love. They’re so comfortable, it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Anyway, I absolutely loved working with them, so I was beyond excited when they asked to work together again!

OTBT has just launched a brand new handbag line. They no longer only sell shoes. I couldn’t wait to see the bags once I heard the news, and let me tell you… they did not disappoint. The best part is there is something for everyone. From big to small, to crossbody to wristlet… OTBT has ya covered. The brand describes their new line as “Designed to fit the lifestyle of restless wanderers…. [They’re] an essential for everyday wear and a great companion for all of life’s journeys.”

For their “What’s In Our Bag” Campaign, influencers were given bags and then asked to take flatlays of them, with different items spilling out of the bag. These images would be used by OTBT in their social media and digital marketing! I thought this was an amazing opportunity and I had so much fun creating different images that could potentially end up on their website or in their marketing emails! I did a lifestyle shot, a “beauty-lover” flatlay, and of course, a Gameday Look! (This bag will be PERFECT for football season next Fall! I’m already putting outfits together in my head!)

OTBT sent me the beautiful Tulum crossbody in black, which was the one I knew I wanted immediately. I’m. in. love. I talked a little bit about this bag in my Spring Favorites post, but I’m excited to get to talk more about it here! So… just to be transparent, I have a lot of crossbody bags. I knew I didn’t ~need another one, but of course I wanted one. But the second it arrived, I knew this bag was different than my others.

OTBT describes it as “the best crossbody travel purse you could ask for. Crafted with a soft, matte black leather and tribal patterned guitar-strap inspired strap, this crossbody makes running around on your adventures a breeze.” And they aren’t kidding! Immediately I noticed the length of the purse was different than most of my others. No more worries about not being able to fit my longer wallet, or that larger iphone 8+, if you know what I mean! It holds many different items at once, and it’s so easy to grab & go. I have loved bringing it on my daily errands or out to brunch. (Two very different events that OTBT describes as perfect places where you should bring this bag!) It’s the perfect size, very soft & comfy, and lastly… it’s SO CUTE! The strap is what really made me fall in love. When you click on the OTBT handbag link, that strap you see is the strap I’m talking about. It’s so fun & festive, I’m obsessed. It’s bold enough to make a statement when you’re wearing a solid shirt, and tame enough to be worn with a pattern, (depending on the pattern). Haha! But again, the strap is adjustable so it can easily become a clutch!

If this bag isn’t your absolute favorite, definitely give the other bags a look, because there are both bigger & smaller options! The Copa would be perfect as a travel carry-on or an overnight bag, and the Corina is the cutest little wristlet! And, to make things even more exciting, OTBT has offered me a code to give to readers of Coffee with Jordan Lee! Use the code “TULUM” to receive 15% off all handbags on OTBT. Find your inner adventurer & grab a bag that’s Off The Beaten Track♡

OTBT gifted me with a Tulum crossbody, but as always, opinions are 100% my own. 


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