Winter Favorites

I’m extra excited for this installment of my Seasonal Favorites series, because these past few months I’ve been extra obsessed with everything I’m about to write about! Like, I always post my true “favorites” but this time, I know these things won’t just be seasonal faves for me. I’ll be using these for years and years to come!!

I’ve just never had products or services hit me this hard! I’m not ready to move on, haha! I hope you’ll love them equally as much. So, without further ado – here is Winter 2019’s installment of what I’ve been loving in the skincare + beauty, fitness and entertainment departments!

SKINCARE: So if y’all remember, in my Fall Favorites post, I mentioned that I treated myself to Target’s 12 Days of Beauty box! It was set up like an advent calendar and each day I had so much fun opening a new gift! I didn’t finish opening it all before I went home for break, so I opened it last month and I FELL in love. It was a mini travel-sized bottle of Bliss’ Fab Foaming Wash. The first time I tried it I knew it was made for me, and the next day I went to Ulta and bought a full sized bottle, throwing away my half-full bottle of the previous face wash I used.

It’s a 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliator, which I need because I sometimes forget to do my weekly exfoliator on Sunday nights. It’s full of natural and organic ingredients to keep face soft and radiant, and it smells A M A Z I N G. I’m a huge sucker for the scent of a skincare product. I’m not really sure how to describe the scent, the website says it’s Plumeria but I can’t find a description for what that smells like, haha! It’s so unique and so yummy and truly makes me look forward to washing my face!!

BEAUTY: Last month I subscribed to the Allure Beauty Box. I had seen some posts about it and when an account I follow posted that they got to sign up for six print issues of Allure for only $5 with their purchase, I was sold. I’m obsessed with magazines, so that really got me to want to order! But it wasn’t hard to be convinced. The Allure Beauty Box comes with multiple editor-chosen/tested/curated products [usually full or deluxe sized] with a $50-$90 value, and it’s only $15 a month! Each box also comes with a mini mag full of tips + tricks and step-by-steps, and a sleek and stylish pouch! Also, if you’re not convinced yet: Your first box is only $10. Seriously, no harm in trying it. That’s why I decided to subscribe, but I was so impressed that I know I’ll be keeping this subscription for a while. [And I’m not a subscription type of gal, trust me!]

Next up, which is kind of a COMBO OF SKINCARE AND BEAUTY, is Flamingo!! Flamingo is a new company that is “raising the bar” when it comes to shaving. They offer an incredible shaving set, including a rose gold razor handle, two five blade cartridges, shaving gel, body lotion, a shower hook for the razor, AND a carrying pouch. All of this is $16!!! Like, what?!? This is not sponsored y’all, [though I wish they would sponsor me, lol]. I just found a Flamingo razor kit on an endcap at Target, and I was intrigued. I purchased one razor box, which came with the handle. two five-blade cartridges and a shower holder. I also snagged a bottle of shaving cream because tbh — I don’t usually use shaving cream but this new razor was screaming at me to “treat myself” and take care of myself so I thought why not!

These razors are amazing. Every single shower is a pamper-yourself time! I’m not kidding. The shaving cream is so soft and smells so good. I highly recommend it. Look for Flamingo at your local Target, or you can order online!

FITNESS: Okay. I’m sooooo excited to talk about this. If you follow me on Instagram, you know what’s coming, lol. I post about Gixo literally every single day, because I’m currently doing a 30 Day Challenge with them! But I seriously love this app so much. It’s a Live Workout Class [or On-Demand] workout app. They offer live classes with real coaches all throughout the day, starting around 5:30am and going as late as 11pm! [I love doing 25 minute Yoga Calm right before bed at 10:45!] There is truly something for everyone. From yoga, to HIIT, to walking, to Kickboxing, to Total Core, to weights… y’all there are truly SO MANY OPTIONS!

I look forward to working out with Gixo every day! I always try to do a live class, but sometimes I have to do On-Demand. However, they’re always recording and updating the on-demand options, so you’re not always taking the same class over and over! If you are interested in trying this app – I truly encourage you to! It’s completely risk-free. Try a whole week for free with the code “Jordan”! I promise you, you won’t regret it! If you have questions, pleassseee feel free to ask me 🙂

TV: Okay, and then really quick y’all, if you have Hulu [which I deffffinitely recommend! I find myself on it more than Netflix lately…] then I encourage you to watch Manifest! It’s soooo good! I binged it so so fast and it’s so so interesting! This past Monday was the season finale, so you can literally watch the entire season on Hulu now! [It hasn’t been announced yet if there will be a season two yet, but based on ratings, fans are v hopeful!] So, if you’re looking for a new show – go watch it! And if you have any suggestions, now that I’m done with Manifest – I need them!! Please send any and all my way.

That’s pretty much it for this installment. Now please excuse me while I go wash my face with Bliss Fab Foaming and check my mailbox to see if my February Allure Beauty Box is here yet 😉

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