Winter Favorites

red heels

Well… if you’ve kept up with this blog at all since August, you know that I recently moved to NYC and started my first full-time job. It’s been absolutely amazing, but it’s also been absolutely TIME CONSUMING!! I have not had as much time to spend on this blog as I did in school. And that’s okay, I just have to find a new normal. For a while it’s been just my monthly mood board posts, and that’s fine + great but I definitely want to add more.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Favorites” series, but it’s always been one of my ~favorite types of posts (haha, get it?) b/c I can hit all categories in one. And since I missed Summer and Fall this year, we’ve got a lot to pack in! Please give me some grace in waiting for this lonnggg overdue post, and please comment what you’ve been loving this season. We can learn from each other, always! Without further ado, I present to you Winter Favorites 2020.

SKINCARE: I recently went back to read my old skincare routine post from last year, and I almost cringed reading it. It’s CRAZY how much I’ve grown in just a year! I guess that’s the nature of things, especially beauty where trends, ingredients and rituals are always being changed/discovered/shared. Anyway, as you may know, I am a subscriber of the Allure Beauty Box. I have been for a year now and I’m a true fan. A few months ago, my box included a gift card to Curology, offering a free first month. I thought, hey if it’s free, why not? So I went through the skin quiz and photo uploads, and then my assigned certified dermatologist created a formula that would tackle my specific needs. I was drawn in by the idea of something being made for my exact issues, and truthfully, by the idea of a simpler ritual. I still use all my products on most days, but now on certain days I can simply cleanse, tone, use my Curology custom formula and then moisturize. Voila! Simple as that. I started in November or December and have been truly loving it. It’s a bit of a commitment (About $30 a month) but I’m too pleased with my results to stop using it right now… stay tuned, I will keep y’all updated! Have you used Curology? Let me know!

HEALTH: I recently ordered Twice toothpaste, because literally it popped up on my Instagram feed and I could order it for the price of shipping. Twice is a set of two different toothpastes. One for morning, one for night. So far, I love them. The night toothpaste, Twilight, has notes of vanilla and lavender mixed with peppermint and it is so relaxing to use before bed. Both Twilight and the morning toothpaste, Early Bird, are made with dentist approved ingredients and are ” forever free of SLS, parabens, charcoal and triclosan. 100% vegan, GF, non-GMO and cruelty-free.” PLUS, the company is dedicated to doing good. Each purchase provides life-changing dentistry to someone in need through real non-profit work. I am sold! Catch me buying another set (for more than just the cost of shipping 🤪) when I run out!

Twice toothpaste

TV: I’m sure you’ve seen this circling on Twitter, but if you haven’t then I’m excited I get to be the one to recommend to you 🙂 You have to watch The Circle on Netflix! It’s a crazy social experiment about social media and authenticity. I was thoroughly entertained and you will be too! It’s only 12 episodes, so it’s easy to quickly binge. Comment below if you’ve seen The Circle and tell me what you thought!!

FITNESS: If y’all know me well, you know I’ve always been a big yoga person. At home in Orlando I would go all the time to hot yoga, and at school in Alabama I would go to yoga classes at our rec center whenever possible. Well, NYC opened the Pandora’s box of yoga for me once again, because I discovered Y7 Studio! Y7 prides itself on offering “beat bumpin’ sweat drippin’ candlelit yoga.” If that doesn’t sound amazing, I don’t know what does. It’s warm, but not “hot yoga” per se and the studios don’t have mirrors (not that you’d be able to see anyway since it’s dark/candlelit.) Each time I’ve gone, I’ve left feeling incredible. I know that in that one hour session, I sweat out toxins, I burned off steam/stress of the day, and I did something great for my body. Y7 has many locations in NYC, one in West Hollywood and is opening one in Chicago! Have you tried Y7 or something like it? What’s your favorite way to work out?

STYLE: Fashion is all over the place for me right now. Since I’ve moved to New York, I’ve had so much fun playing with different looks and layers (thank you, winter!) One jacket I’ve been in love with is this color block jacket from SheIn. I swear, y’all. I get SheIn ads on Facebook, and sometimes they’re so good that I just buy them. Like I click on the ad, type in my CC info and buy it. I’m a sucker! But I wear this thing all the time so it was definitely worth it.

shein color block jacket

Some other trends that I’m very into right now are pearled barrettes (you can literally put that thing anywhere in your hair and make it look cute. Sometimes I wear my hair in a bun and place the barrette right in front of it) and bright pop of color shoes. AKA red heels. You can never have too many and I have fallen in love with the pair I found that has an ankle strap. What styles are you loving right now?

forever21 red heels

BEAUTY: For Christmas I asked for Glossier’s balm dot com and it has been a LIFESAVER in this weather! (I got birthday and it’s y u m m y). I also ordered new glasses around Christmas because I was in desperate need. I ordered from trusty ole’ Zenni and I’m very happy with my new glasses. I chose to go a little different from my old pair and get a clear frame instead of dark, but I’m loving them. I also opted for blue light protection since I stare at a computer or phone 25/8. If you wear glasses, I HIGHLY recommend treating yourself to a pair of Zenni’s. (Having more than one pair of glasses is a MUST and Zenni is so affordable!)

zenni clear glasses

I think that pretty much wraps up this season. Please please share your Winter Favorites with me, I’m always looking for new things to try! ♡

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